Precision Ballistics LLC

I made my own ballistics gel by combining 8 oz pure gelatin with 2 liters water, letting that sit 2 hrs in the refrigerator, then heating to 120 degrees over a steaming pan of water until completely melted.

I poured the melted ballistics gel into a plastic bottle, then refrigerated for 36 hours. I kept it in a cooler on the way to the range. I removed the plastic cap, fastened glove leather over the mouth of the bottle with rubber bands, and glue a target onto the leather for an aim point. This bottle was then secured to a post at 100 yards. Then after a few shots at a paper target to assure the rifle was adjusted correctly, one shot was placed through the mouth of the 2 liter plastic bottle filled with cold ballistics gel. The bullet traveled through 10" of ballistic gel and exited the rear.

Here is the bottle after it was shot. The target from the bottle mouth is below it. I shot it at 100 yds. with one of my 95gr BTs at a a very tame charge that produced only 2595 fps. The majority of the bullet completely penetrated the 10" of gel and exited the bottle. Pieces of copper and lead that weighed 39.28 gr fragmented into various directions to 8" and 9". The hydro-shock cavity measured 1.5" x 6". Further tests will be done to verify what the actual retained weight is and will include molding the ballistic gel into longer shapes and perhaps I'll try 200 yds. rather that 100 yds.

Some views of the fragments inside the gel. Their penetration was 8" and 9".


Here is my second test using my 95gr BT, shot at 100 yards, at 3718 fps. As the first test did not contain the entire bullet with 10" of gel, I used two water bottles for molds, taped end to end for the test, which made 13" of ballistic gel to shoot at. The bullet entered dead center at one end, made a hydro-shock 2" x 9.5", completely fragmented into hundreds of tiny pieces, and the furthest bullet material traveled 12". 

This gives you an idea of the terminal ballistics of my bullets.