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"I received the samples of the 6mm bullets, so while I'm waiting on Kelbly's to re-thread one bbl. and re-chamber another I took this opportunity to measure and compare the samples. My findings can best be described as "WOW". If I didn't have a system in place that I use to sort bullets, I would swear I had been measuring the same bullet in both base to ogive length and weight. Really great work Don!

Now on to my workhorse caliber. As we spoke on the phone, I would like to try some of the 6.5mm 139gr. bullets. I use 139 Lapua Scenars as my baseline for consistency, but they aren't my go-to bullet for important matches. I'm hoping that your bullets shoot as good as they look because if they do, I'll be ordering 500+. I also hope that the info I gave you on the phone was of some assistance to you. It's rare that I get the opportunity to speak with someone at length that understand the finer details of our sport in our little world. Again, thanks for the bullets, I'll report back as soon as I have a bbl. mated to a receiver."

Lloyd Smith

Shiloh, Ohio

 Shooter Comments and Pictures:

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Don...I shot some of your new 6.5mm bullets today FIREFORMING BRASS!! in my 6.5 X 47 IMP. First up -- 130gr largest group -1/2 inch. 2nd 123gr largest group 1/2 inch. 3rd. -- 139gr largest group 1/2 inch, maybe a tad bigger. boring, boring, boring. Can you make some shaped like a banana?? Later, when I got your 142gr bullets I got .5 X 1.5 at 300 and .6 X 2.0 at 500. I had 5 shells left, I turned the scope up 28.5 inches, took a bead on a 12 in. ringer at 1000 yds. The first shot went to the right, I put in 2 clicks and shot the other 4 shots. ALL 4 HIT THE RINGER, 3 in a 6 inch center !!!  Don, you definitely have bragging rights!    How do they compare? I'll put it like this; I've only shot your bullets, 130-139, one time at 3-5-and 1000 yds. I did not change the load at all, nor the dies. I just loaded them. These are the best groups I've ever shot. So far I've told several shooters what we're trying to accomplish, make the best bullet for the task at hand. After I told them I shot Lapua, some laughed, said I'd never out shoot Lapua. I did and I'll continue to do so. I'm having a hard time waiting for good weather so I can continue shooting.                               



Mike Koontz

New Enterprise, PA


I took exact measurements and followed the equations in Bryan Litz's book to estimate the BCs for my bullets. I've listed them below. These are not official BCs, but have been proven at the range and should help find close come ups quite closely.


Estimated 6.5mm BCs

Bullet    G1BC    G7BC
110gr     .469      .235
115gr     .491      .246
123gr     .525      .263
130gr     .555      .278
139gr     .595      .298
142gr     .607      .304


Please build me 2000-130gr 6.5mm bullets!  I’m on the road on a business trip and will mail you a check for $992.80 when I return on Thursday (31 Oct).


I’m excited, because this ends my hunt for bullets and I’m very impressed with how easy these bullets are to get shooting. I literally did NO load development work – just used the same powder charge and OAL as I was using with the 130gr JLK load… and your bullets were going into the same hole, again and again.  The SD/ES spread was single digit.  Whatever you are doing, it is producing very consistent bullets.  My hit percentage should improve as result!  If I win any matches, I will credit the bullets!

Thanks again,

James Bailey

Arlington, VA

Note: Gunny Sergeant James Bailey placed a very good run down of my 130gr 6.5mm bullets on Sniper's Hide, comparing them with Berger, SMK, JLK and discussing ogives,BCs and performance. Here is the link to that discussion:




Loaded these 100gr FB 6/9 yesterday, shot this a.m.  Am ordering 400 more today. See attached.  Thanks for some great bullets.




I took my 260 and your 142gr to the range today. I have a witness to this. I busted 7 out of 8 clay birds. I flipped the one I missed and it broke when it hit the ground. At..............................600yds !!! Thank you for such accurate bullets.

Mike Koontz

New Enterprize, PA

Dear Don,

Received the 115 6mm bullets, looked at them,  measured them  and sorted them, Marvelous ! Thank you, going to shoot some groups this weekend !!!
Best  regards,

Steve Havener

Apple Valley, CA


"These were 62 gr BT 8 ogival from Don Lahr . Performing very well."
Roy Arne Syversrud

Just a little bullet report: My friend Don Forbes was having a hard time with a rapid switch at the last Visalia match, and since he shoots free recoil, I suggested that he try shooting with his head up, so that he could gauge the switch better. The first time that he tried that was in a 200 yd unlimited match, that he was shooting his heavy varmint in for practice. He shot a .170, his first official screamer.....with your bullets. This was a good wrap up for his first year shooting in competition. When he started out, he put a lot of effort into trying to make other bullets work, and they did, up to a point. Finally he got back to yours, and with what he had learned about the consequences of certain dimensions, and a little better handle on tuning, had a greater appreciation of yours. Now it is pretty much all about the flags.

Boyd Allen

Fresno, CA



I wanted to let you know that your bullets have worked out great! I just finished up with the Mid-Range F-Class Nationals at Camp Perry Ohio. I finished 3rd overall in F-Class and won Match 806 beating all competitors with a 600-51x (600-60x is a perfect score). Your bullets have performed extremely well in my Dasher. I gave out your name to a few people and I know one has called to order. The only issue is I'm afraid they'll end up buying all the bullets!!!!

Just wanted to say thank you for getting the bullets out to me.

Thanks again,

Tony Horvath

Temperance, MI

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Hello, this is James Bailey from Virginia. This weekend, I’m heading out to WY for long-range butte to butte target shooting (1200 to 1900yd targets). I’m bringing a bunch of your 130gr 6.5mm’s…and they have shot like lasers inside 1000yds for me and absolutely hammering targets. I am super impressed how your bullets continue to print such tight groups out at 800+ yds. (And this is a tactical rifle, not a benchrest rig.) I know if I get the wind call right, your bullet will hit. I have no trouble getting bughole groups at 100yds, but when the bullets continue to bughole at 600yds, you know you have a great setup!


James Bailey




I shot a 1/2 X 3/4 group at 500 yds with your 136's. I gave your card to a 6 br shooter after he saw my group.

Mike Koontz



Precision Ballistic 64 grains BT at 100mt...five shoots Group. Thanks so much!

Marco Canciani

Rome, Italy

Hi Don,

My previous order of 139gr 6.5mm bullets shot great! Thanks for putting out such a perfect product. Your product has almost eliminated my sorting process. I still do it out of habit, but find very little differences between bullets. Please let me know approximate delivery time for 500 more 139gr 6.5mm bullets. Thanks again.

Devin Wigget


Don, just wanted to let you know how well your 6mm bullets shoot.  On May 16, I won the NBRSA Light Gun at Columbus, Wisconsin with your bullets and a new Muller barrel.
Bill Zaborowski

First test with my new 66 grains by Don Lahr , sorry for my small flier on first shoot Group that ruined my good work.

Marco Canciani


200 yard groups doing load development. The penny is for reference. The hole in the bottom left is from my holepuncher for organizing in my notebook.

Joe Cannon

North Carolina

10 shots 300 yard groundhog match with 108 6mms. The low right shots were shooter error. — with precision ballistics llc.

Joe Cannon

North Carolina

My 6.5 130's showed up yesterday.
All my brass is clean
My Creedmoor and my 6.5x47 are clean
And I'm on vacation this week.
Hmmm, What should I do?

Jim Esarey


I have fired 32 of your 130gr 6.5's down my 6.5x47 bench rifle. The rifle locked in at shots 21-24. I am very happy with your bullets. Thank you for building a top notch product. Load testing was done at 150yd. I am going to drop the charge by .1 to .2 and it should be "bug-holing" after that.

Jim Esarey



Don Granstaff of Brush Creek, TN called to order 1000 6.5s the other day and told me he's been doing some serious winning with my 6mm 103s. He sent me this picture today shot with my 103s at 800 yards with his 6BRDX. I'm impressed. How about you?



It was nice talking with you today. I can't thank you enough for putting out such a great product - the tolerances you manage to hold are amazing. I have given up sorting them.

I am shooting your 6.5 136's out of a 6.5 SAUM at 3020 fps. Knowing that I was going to hunt elk and mule deer, I did a good bit of testing with them prior to heading out to Wyoming.

With regard to precision of shots, on a good wind day, I am able to keep approximately 8 out of 10 shots on a 8" swinger steel at 900 yards, and the ones that miss just barely miss - no flyers. Distances inside that are pretty much automatic at that size target.

I tested performance and penetration at 400 yards by shooting through a 200 sheet pack of paper backed by a gallon of water, backed by a case of 36 one liter water bottles. The bullet passed through the pack of paper - the exit hole from the paper was a little larger than the entry hole. The bullet exploded the gallon of water and the first couple layers of water bottles behind the gallon. Bullet fragments continued through the entire case of water.

I then tested expansion performance at 600, 700, 800 and 900 yards on gallon jugs of water. The gallons at 600, 700 and 800 all exploded. The one at 900 showed significant expansion, but was not explosive like the others - which makes sense as the speed is down to around 1960 fps at this point.

The bullets performed just as well or better in the field.

I took a 6x6 elk at 620 yards. He took one step and laid down - the bullet did significant damage to his heart.

I also took a mature cow elk at 590 yards. She went 50 yards - the bullet made a mess of both her lungs.

To cap off the trip I took a nice mule deer at 290 yards. He went 10 feet before laying down - the bullet did significant damage to his heart.

Thanks again for putting so much time and energy into making such a fine product. I can't tell you how nice it is hunting with equipment in which I have total confidence.


St. Augustine, FL

A big thank you to Don Lahr and his bullets. Smallest group in the open Swedish Championship LV100 (actually the two smallest groups). Your great bullets play a part of the picture.

Roy Arne Syversrud


Hello don your 105s are the best bullets I have ever measured or weighed shot them in three matches so far won ground hog match 4 pieces of wood a  screamer and a group agg  range record  at 600 yds thanks

Eric Dove Bergton, VA

Hey Don,  
Lol,  I can't believe you remember the magic dust I requested to beat Tony boyer back in 19'. He was so scared he didnt end up showing I'm going to have you whip me up a 1,000 68gr. Bt 8 ogive bullets. I was pretty positive on going with the 68gr. BT but didn't have any idea what ogive to go with. As far as the .160 picture you're more than welcome to use it. I'm trying to boost your business,  I rocked my PB hat all weekend at the Hog roast... lol. If I remember correctly I just shoot you a check in the mail to get put on the list? 
Thanks Don

I just got back from 600 yards match with Paul Whitt and Tim Humpry. All of us winners with your bullets.

Johnny Tjioe

Ben Boschee wrote:   
64gr FB 100yds. I think this will work....  hahahahaha!!!!   Thanks for a great product!!

Larry Soper, Kennesaw, GA, 142gr load development, Geliseo 6.5mm Creedmore, seated OL 2.830 OG 2.157 , 5 shot group!


Hi Don,

I just want to let you know that your bullets shoot fantastic. My son who is 14 yrs old has been shooting your 105's in 1000 yd match. He won the Jr light gun class at the world open 1000 yd match and since then shot 2 regular matches against the adults. The first match against adults he won his relay and finished 2nd for the day overall. The 2nd match he won his relay again for group and finished 10 in shoot off. He had the smallest group going but lost a shot due to harsh conditions. He had 9 shots under 5" with 10+ mph winds gusting. But unfortunately that's the way it goes. He now wants to shoot the IBS national 1000 yd match in September at West Virginia so I'm taking him.Again fantastic bullets!

Scott & Ty

Orangeville, PA

Thanks for busting out that order of 142 VLD's with short notice.  I've got them dialed in at 600yds and shot a 599-44X in rain and wind ahead of hurricane Nate at day 1 of our La. State Championships today.  The vertical was near 1.5" over 60 record shots and the puller said I had one string of 5 x's that would 'fit under a nickel'.  I can't thank you enough for your effort.
Have a blessed evening,

Robin Ardoin


 I won Shooter of the Year Sunday in the MWVMS circuit.  What the results list doesn’t show is that I was shooting your 105s in both guns.  I scored a 47 on both 400 yard targets.  It was those last two targets that pulled me up into first place for the match and for SHoTYr.  The bullets you are turning out definitely shoot!

 Best regards,

 Ron Goodger

I shot a 298 3x at last match with your 103s!!! 3-10 shot groups �dc40 at 300yds! Leslie Fallin 

Hi Don,

This past weekend I scored my first 600-42X in AR-Tac using your 6.0mm 105gn pills.
One guy who called me had heard about it from someone who was there. He asked me about the match and my rifle. I sent him a picture of your card. I hope he gets in contact with you.The 6.5mm 130 gn pills arrived a day early. You pack very very well.
Thanks again for good work
Werner Lurtz

1/12/18-My Congratulations go out to Peter Johns who just won the NRLSA 800 held at the Valdina Ranch Range, home of the World's Longest Shot Challenge, shot at 500yds, 750yds and 1080yds with my 108gr VLD bullets. I understand he refers to my pills as Thor's Hammer!



Attached is a Dtoad (Dave Todd) target I shot Saturday at the Farmland range with your bullets using a stock Savage.  It’s the same gun I used last year in factory class to win shooter of the year on the Dtoad targets.  I think your bullets have been a big help.

Best regards,

Ron Goodger Cassopolis, MI

Don, thanks for making a great bullet!

I won my first at 1000yds and also my first ‘clean’ with a 200-10x. Those 142’s make this fun come alive.

Robin Ardoin

Don, the bullets arrived today. Super packing job! Never before, from an individual, or a company have I seen such a good job! Many thanks. I can't wait to give them a "shot" so speak. I'll let you know.
Thanks again,                       

Ron Goodger with his back to back 2017 & 2018 Shooter of the Year awards. "I shot your 6mm 105 grain pills in both factory and custom class in 2018, resulting in a record breaking 6 first place wins for the year in our circuit. In four short years I managed to top the list! I don’t think I could have done it without your bullets."

Hello Don,

   This is what I shot at practice with your 66 grain BT's  with a Panda and Hart (button rifling) 24" barrel at 100 yards.     YOU DO GOOD WORK - DON !!!

From Wayne Moore, Dexter, MI


WOW!!! I'm starting to see a pattern here. 2017, 2018 and 2019 Shooter of the Year Awards to Ron Goodger! Ron sure is a consistent winner! "Thanks to your awesome bullets!" I'm very honored to be the one who builds his winning bullets!


Your 142s work nice !!!!

Steven Havener

Apple Valley, CA


See attached.  That’s 4 years in a row with your bullets.  I came from behind in the last match, which was the Wabash Cannonball/Midwest Regional. The Regional in May had been cancelled because of Covid, so they made it coincide with the Cannonball in October.

I swept all classes in the match (first time anyone has done that in the Regional since they started shooting 400 yards), breaking an 8 year standing record set by Karl Feldkamp in 2012.  Karl’s score was 384-4X.  I shot a 386-17X.  Photos of the targets are at the first link below.  The 400 yard factory target was shot blind since mirage was so bad no one could see bullet holes.  If you look at the 400 yard factory scores in the first link below, you will see that there were a number of outstanding shooters, including Dave Todd whom I had to beat for the Shooter of the year, who got zeros on that target.

Hope you are well. God bless.
Ron Goodger

Harvey McCraw in Kentucky ordered 14,400 of my world winning 68gr BTs (largest order I have had so far), and mentioned he also would like to try my 108s, so I sent him 100 complimentary 108gr pills to try. Seems he got those to work satisfactorily as well and sent me this picture. He then ordered 1000 more of them. Better watch out for him on the firing line, as he can SHOOT!


Hi Don,

I won the Kentucky State Championship 100/200 & Grand Aggregate in August 2020. I just have to tell you that I shot your 68 Boat Tails, and they are the best I’ve ever had in my BenchRest rifles!!! I’m hooked on their performance. Keep up the fine work!


Richard Alford, retired

Bowling Green, KY



Harvey McCraw

2021 was a Great Year!

1st Place KY State Championship
3rd Place TN State Championship

1st Place 200 M Dry Branch, TN
1st Place 100 M Dry Branch, TN

Todd Co.
1st Place Centerfire Pistol
2nd Place 450 yd Benchrest
2nd Place Modern Military Rifle
2nd Place 200 yd Benchrest

Boyle Co.
1st Place 100 yd Benchrest
1st Place 100 yd Benchrest
2nd Place 100-200 yd Grnd Agg