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About Me:


It is Precision Ballistics' mission to design and HAND-swage the most precise world-class 6mm custom bullets possible for the bench rest shooting community. Precision Ballistics LLC, at 702-331-1337 (Pacific Standard Time Zone), is a company manufacturing precision custom bench rest bullets. I have been shooting and reloading for over 40 years. My desire to manufacture precision bullets has now been realized by establishing this firm. Precision Ballistics LLC is a one person enterprise which allows me to have total control over the quality control of my products. I manufacture and QC each bullet one at a time by HAND, in my shop at 360 E. Paradise Hills Dr. Henderson, NV 89002.  I make them like I would want them made if I bought them. Please order in advance so you will have plenty for the whole season.

As for sorting, most brands of bullets are sorted into 4-5 piles by weight and bearing length. Mine sort into only 1 or 2 piles and occasionally 3, depending on your tolerances, while sorting! Many customers tell me that they have stopped sorting my bullets altogether because they find that they are so consistent!

Here is a list of the 6mm bullets I currently build. Depending upon availability of components, some designs may not be available when you order so please check first.

  • 68gr flat base

  • 68gr boat tail base

  • 74gr flat base

  • 74gr boat tail base

  • 80gr flat base

  • 80gr boat tail base

  • 85gr flat base 

  • 85gr boat tail base

  • 90gr flat base 

  • 90gr boat tail base

  • 95gr flat base 

  • 95gr boat tail base

  • 90gr low drag

  • 95gr low drag

  • 103gr low drag 

  • 105gr low drag 

  • 108gr low drag

My die maker, Dave Detsch, has outdone himself once again on my 6mm low drag dies! They are dead nuts concentric! They produce a tangent ogive of 15, with a rebated boat tail of 10 degrees by 0.175". The pressure ring is 0.24350".  I close all of my low drag meplats to a sharp point, around 0.01500", which requires an extra step, using my Hoover tipping die for extremely small groups on paper at very long distances! My low drag bullets are built using  precision jackets.

Precision bullets depend upon consistency, concentricity and cleanliness. Those are the hallmarks of Precision Ballistics LLC. My reputation demands that you receive the most precise bullets that I can provide, to allow you to shoot the tightest groups you can! Most shooters are able to shoot sub 1/4 MOA with my bullets! I hand-swage 6mm (.243) precision bench rest bullets for serious competition shooters who insist on the most precise projectiles available.


Bryan Litz, Chief Ballistician at Berger Bullets, and author of Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting, has tested the ballistic coefficient (BC) of my low drag bullets, which have been included in the second edition of his book. The G1 BC is listed as a comparison with other bullet manufacturers, but the G7 BC should be used to calculate bullet drop at various ranges, based on the shape of my low drag bullets. As I build my bullets one at a time by hand, and there are no micrometer marks on my dies, the size of the meplat opening may vary a thousandth or two from lot to lot, which may effect the BC by a thousandth or two. The important thing is that the BC of each bullet in the box is the same or extremely close.  My low drag bullets have closed tips, which are tipped with John Hoover dies built for specific use with my bullets. I should add that the data below is based upon the bullet samples which I sent Bryan a few years ago. Since then, I have been able to close the meplats from the 0.060", which were on the ones I sent Bryan, to anywhere from 0.060" to 0.005", which would raise my BCs significantly.

Company history:

       SD     G1 BC
   G7 Form
    G7 BC

6.5mm caliber:

I am out of 6.5mm J4 jackets with little hope of getting more so I am unable to build these right now. I also build 6.5mm (.264") bullets. Made with the long range competition shooter in mind, they have very high BC and closed up meplats, made in Detsch tungsten carbide dies with precision jackets. Their design includes a 15 tangent ogive, slightly rebated 0.200" x 10 degree boat tail, and an open tip, drawn up to approximately 0.005"-0.010" size hole with a Hoover tipping die, built by CTK Precision, that has a proprietary punch, specifically for my bullet design. I build them in 130gr, 136gr, 139gr and 142gr. All of these are also available with flat bases if desired. Shooters are getting good results by jumping 0.005"-0.010". Each rifle has a preference so experiment a bit to see what your rifle likes best.

Details listed here are about me, which bullets I manufacture, the dies I use, some of the ballistic coefficients, my company history, how to get samples of my bullets and a description of my new 6.5mm bullets.


Here are my new 142gr 6.5mm bullets. I use 1.325" precision jackets for these as well as my 130gr, 136gr and 139gr 6.5mm bullets. They all have a 15 tangent ogive. I further close the meplat tighter. They have a .200" x 10 degree boat tail.

I took exact measurements and followed the equations in Bryan Litz's book to estimate the BCs for my bullets. I've listed them below. These are not proven at a range, but should help find fairly close come ups. So far, in the field, these numbers are conservative.

Estimated 6.5mm BCs

Bullet    G1BC    G7BC

130gr     .561      .284

136gr     .583      .292

139gr     .596      .304
142gr     .612      .311

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Precision Ballistics LLC grew from my desire to have a more perfect bullet available for bench rest, varmint and long range shooting. My bullets are extremely accurate whether used for fur, paper or silhouette targets. I build whatever you need whether your barrel has a 7", 8", 10" 12", 13", 14" or custom progressive twist rate. Dependent upon jacket availability, I am able to build you precision bullets with a variety of designs in multiple 6mm and 6.5mm sizes.