Precision Ballistics LLC
Q: What do I do if I have trouble getting my order through properly on the computer?

A: I have tried to make my Shopping Cart as user-friendly and functional as possible, however if you have any problems or questions just call me at 702-331-1337 or email me at

If you do have any issue with it you may drop me a line by using my Contact Me page and I'll be very happy to assist you in any way. I do appreciate your business and look forward to sharing with you the finest hand-made custom bullets available! 

Q: What type of bullets do you offer?


A: I hand-make highly accurate, 6mm (.243") used for shooting benchrest, varmint and long range competition matches from 100 yards through 1000 yards, as well as taking small and medium varmints and/or game. I do NOT offer any loaded ammunition.

Q: What calibers, styles and sizes of bullets do you make?


A: Currently, I build two calibers - the first is 6mm (.243"), with your choice of either flat bases or boat tail bases, with either a single radius tangent 15 ogive, a single radius tangent 8 ogive or a dual radius tangent 6 with a little secant 9 ogive near the tip. I build them in 62gr, 64gr, 65gr, 64gr, 65gr, 66gr, 68gr, 71gr, 72gr, 73gr, 74gr, 75gr, 76gr, 79gr, 80gr, 85gr, 86gr, 90gr, and 95gr. I also offer 90gr, 95gr, 103gr, 104gr, 105gr, 106gr, 108gr, 110gr, 113gr, 115gr, and 117gr low drag bullets. I can also build bullets in other weights as needed. I build all of my bullets with J4 precision jackets. Please request which ogive and base you prefer when you order. I put short boat tails (0.062" x 14 degrees) on 85gr-88gr and long boat tails (0.175" x 10 degrees) on 90gr on up. I can put any of my three bases, and a dual radius tangent 6 with secant 9 (6/9) at the tip, single radius tangent 8, or single radius tangent 15 ogive, on any custom bullet design you may care to special order (within the weights I offer). I am currently building my 6.5mm bullets in 130gr, 136gr, 139gr, 140gr and 142gr.

Q: What is the quickest way to order your products?


A: Simply click on the Order tab, make your selections by clicking the various "Add to Cart" buttons, and Check Out after you select all you want. Contact me by email if you need to ask me a question, or to clarify anything related to your order. If you'd like to order by telephone that is fine, but you will have to pay with a check or money order made out to Don Lahr, or Precision Ballistics LLC, as I can't take cards over the phone because I choose not to have any of your sensitive data in my possession. I do keep your name and shipping address on file for future orders. My mailing address is:

Don Lahr

360 E. Paradise Hills Dr.

Henderson, NV


Q: Do you export out of the USA?


A: At this time I ship directly only to addresses in the USA. If you are outside the USA and would like my products, please contact me. My licensed exporter is Michael Gregg at Reloading International.

Q: How do I contact you?


A: Click my Contact Tab to email me, or call my shop at 702-331-1337. Please call after 11:00am PST (that's 2pm EST).

Q: Do you automatically add shipping, handling and insurance charges to my order?


A: Shipping and handling will be added automatically when you order. I use USPS Priority Flat Rate and will use the small flat rate carton if possible. Large orders will not fit in the small carton so they have to be shipped in the medium sized flat rate carton. I buy a Delivery Confirmation for each carton and let you know when your order is shipped and what the tracking number is. I charge $26.00 shipping and handling. Insurance is optional and you may select it as an item from my other products. If the Postal Service loses or damages your order and you have not insured it, you will have to pay for a replacement order, as I will not rebuild it and re-ship it at my cost. Please insure your order, especially if it is a large one!

Q: Can I combine shipping if I buy more than one item?


A: YES! My Shopping Cart allows for this! When you select an item it goes to your Shopping Cart. The S&H is based upon total dollar amount for the order, and is the same for ALL zip codes. The medium Flat Rate cartons hold lots of bullets, so your shipping is very reasonable the more you order!

Q: If I really like your bullets or service, and want you to post my comments and/or pictures of my targets or game, how do I go about it?


A: I am more than happy to post comments or pictures from anyone who sends them to me!

A few Frequently Asked Questions. If you have more, just ask.